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Culture change in financial services: a revolution in recruitment and talent management?

The 2015 Behavioural Finance Forum

The 2015 Behavioural Finance Forum 3 June 8 am to 10 am

Since the financial crash of 2007 and 2008 there has been huge pressure for reform and change in the culture of the financial services industry – and how it recruits, rewards and motivates its people, how it treats its customers, and how it communicates with its shareholders.

The Forum will bring together thought leaders from the leading financial and professional services companies, universities, business schools and the media, to discuss and debate:

  • A war for talent: why recruitment models need to change
  • Culture change in action: the balance of ethics, risk and profit
  • Serving, not selling: culture change and customer relationships
  • Big Data tsunami: HR, technology, change

Comments on the first Forum and the production team:

"Behavioural finance is becoming a really important part of the way people make investment decisions. A forum like this one – spreading out knowledge – is to be welcomed." Greg B. Davies, Managing Director and head of Barclays Behavioural Finance team.

"We heard very interesting things about how people make investment decisions. If this (forum) encourages people to be more rational then that is a very good thing."
Paul Lewis, broadcaster and BBC Money Box presenter.

"It's rare to get such a multi-disciplinary team together….it's not often that such a heterogeneous group comes together – it's the foundation of some very creative thinking."
Wolfgang Seidl, Head of Healthcare Consulting, Mercer Marsh (on the 2014 Healthcare Economics Forum)

"The most professional interviewing and broadcasting team I have worked with."
Mark Gregory, UK Chief Economist, EY.

Culture change in financial services - 3rd June

The 2015 Behavioural Finance Forum will bring together thought leaders from leading business schools, firms and the media to discuss and debate progress.

Warwick Business School, Lloyd's of London, Henley Business School and Thomson Reuters give their views on the need for culture change.

Our previous panels discussed:

  • Can Big Data create a better investment experience?
  • The disgruntled pensioner: consumer behaviour defined
  • The morality dilemma: behaving ethically in the investment industry

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2014 Forum participants include:

Some of the participants Newcastle University Business School
Mercer Consulting website
Mercer Consulting website
Barclays website
Financial Times website
Cambridge Judge Business School website

EY website
Warwick Business School

The particpants included:

  • Suzy Moat
    Warwick Business School
  • Brian Henderson
    Head of DC, Mercer
  • Neil Collins
    Financial Times columnist
  • Professor Darren Duxbury
    Newcastle University Business School
  • Professor Raghavendra Rau
    University of Cambridge
    Judge Business School
  • Rob Toguri
    Partner, Ernst and Young
  • Emily Haisley
    Barclays Behavioural Finance

The Broadcast PR Business

This event has been organised by The Broadcast PR Business - leaders in the broadcast and social media revolution.

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Matthew Locke & Heather Fearfield
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